History on Track: Guelph Central Station

Video  ——->    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqqHwLF7zbI

Guelph’s Grand Central Station was built in 1911.

Situated in Downtown Guelph, The station is an icon of golden days for the Grand Trunk Railway.

The railways system transformed guelph’s downtown, leading to prosperity for the coming years.

It is recognized as a Heritage Railway Station in 1992 by the Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act

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Covered Lattice Truss Bridge

You’ve probably passed it once or twice.

Built in 1992 by the Timber Framer’s Guild of America.

Guelph’s covered lattice truss bridge brings a wonderful rustic design into the city.

This method of building was patented by architect Ithiel Town in 1820.


Guelph Old City Hall

Can you imagine what life was like back in 1856?

The first city hall is underway and Guelph has only 4, 500 residents, roughly 10% of what exist now.

Explore the past and present of some of Guelph’s most historic sites/buildings such as Market Square, Old City Hall, New City Hall and The Winter Fair Building all located in the municipal hub of Guelph, attracting visitors of all kinds.


Link:   http://youtu.be/FH6Y9Nh69GE

Gow’s Bridge

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